Slicers and Hookers Invitational Tour!

Welcome to the bulletin board. A very warm welcome to all of our first time players and our friends at Happy Hookers.

What is this S.H.I.T.???

Just a bunch of honest, like-minded folks getting together for an escape; to enjoy some camaraderie, make some new friends and post a win while basking in the thrill of skilled competition…..well not that skilled. 

This is S.H.I.T.!

Upcoming Tournament Info

S.H.I.T. 16 is at Palm Beach National
7500 St. Andrews Road
Lake Worth, FL

First tee time is 8:30 AM. See below for details.
-Teams are made!

-Collecting Payment

-Looking for volunteer team captains (text Dan to volunteer, 954 899-6090)
-$110…plus optional $10 for two closest to the pin holes. Also, gambling is not illegal at this Bushwood.

-Payments go to Keenan Walter.

All payments must be in advance.
All payments must be in advance.

(732) 232-4950

Tournament Info

Send us your pics for the past tourney page!

Scoring by captains using Squabbit Android Apple Store

Team 1
8:30 AM
Team 2 8:38 AMTeam 3
8:46 AM
Team 4
8:54 AM
Team 5 9:02 AMTeam 6 9:10 AM
Jaime Purcell
Jon Hartman
Rob Recchio
Greg Gottlieb

Andrew Kapanoske
Ozzie Gago
Mike Schad
Zach Baer
Art Maselek
Simon Roberts
Frank Saia
Vince Villanueva
Danny Ortiz
Paul Martens
Bryce Newell
Juan Moran
Matt Mann
Fred Walter
Gerry Bost
Tim Welch
Martin Coffey
Marty Fisher
Brian Fisher
Lincoln Pierce
Team 7
9:18 AM
Team 8 9:26 AMTeam 9 9:34 AMTeam 10 9:42 AMTeam 11 9:50 AM
Bill Parisi
Justin Smatt
Yasser Lopez
David Tieze

Larry Gallo
Don Critelli
Christian Calle
Kevin Coyle
Kevin Walter
Ken Crew
Matt JohnsonMichael Lawrence

Eric Heffner
Jorge DeLeon
Felipe DeLeon
Francisco Diez-Rivas
Travis Thomas
Luis Stolk
Leo Ours
Daniel Payne
Welcome to our friends at Happy Hookers!

Coming Soon

“Let’s give a S.H.I.T.” (we will eventually get a charity)